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Whatever your path is for giving birth; hospital, birth center, or homebirth,

I can be a Midwife for your journey

Midwifery Services

 Your perinatal wellness heavily depends on how your community welcomes and supports your parenting journey.

My commitment is to shift the current paradigm into a new reality where parents are supported in reverence. I hold the vision of a community that fully understands that the sacred work of parenting demands a tremendous out flow of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy and places parents doing this sacred work as the most valuable contributors of the community. 



Midwifery Services

  • Complete Prenatal Care focused on holistic wellness.  Special attention to nutrition to address any deficiencies and promote the healthy development of the baby, botanicals allies for optimal nutrition,  and support your nervous system. All necessary labs and referrals for ultrasounds.   

  • Special care for first time mothers/parents. 

  • Homebirth 

  • Postpartum Care until 6 weeks postpartum for you and your baby.

  • Extended Postpartum support available. See Postpartum Health Coaching (for as long as you need it) in the form of health coaching.  These appointments are designed to help you create a natural lifestyle, provide you with education on nutritional and botanical strategies to avoid postnatal physical and emotional depletion.

  • All of my care provides you with opportunities to regulate your nervous system through breathwork.  I have been a breathwork facilitator since 2012 and have extensive experience with trauma informed practices. Currently, I am completing a training with the Psychotherapist Network for processing trauma (this does not give me a license to practice psychotherapy but certainly supports my work as a Breahwork facilitator.  

"It is an honor and a privilege to witness your newborn take the first breath of life                                             Virginia Wittebort, LM


Family and Community Care

Part of my service is to connect with your community/family support, as they are the pillars of your wellness.  Their understanding of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs is crucial for you to thrive in your perinatal sacred work.  I offer you and your family/community a two-day program (3 hrs each) for them to step into their roll informed and connected to your process. Ideally we do this prenatally.

2-8 people - Sliding Scale $500-$1,600 per group

Giving Birth at the Hospital?
You can benefit from Wellness Appointments  

Your Wellness appointments are a time for you and your baby to receive my loving care.  I bring you the wisdom of the Model of Traditional Midwifery Care and also the perspective of emotional and spiritual Traditional Healing Practices::

Prenatal visits

  • Going over your health history from the lens of wholistic integrative and functional wellness and Midwifery.  (I am in the process of completing a Functional and Integrative Medicine Program focused on Women's Health with Dr. Aviva Romm) This also includes going over lab work your health care provider have done for you during pregnancy to help you design a natural life style in your pregnancy and postpartum. 

  • Traditional Nutritional guidance for your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. This includes food as medicine and botanical education.

  • Special care to your Nervous System through Stress relieve techniques and herbal/nutrition education that includes gut health.

  • Breathwork as a Healing modality. This is a powerful journey within that will offer the mother to be opportunity to integrate trauma your own birth, and bring healing around the fear of giving birth.  An amazing childbirth preparation tool.

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