Corazon Adentro
Starting Sep 2022 /Regulating Parent/Child Nervous System

A holistic and comprehensive approach to support women/parents in their post-natal journey, being still pregnant, at early postpartum, during the sacredness of the CUARENTENA (first 6 weeks), or 10 years post-natal when some of us are still trying to regain our vitality.  

I love to offer parents a way to recenter and integrate the new being they have become since embarking on the SACRED PATH of parenthood. 

Workshops Outlook

The intension of these circles is to offer a complete wholistic approach for the recovering of one's emotional, physical, and spiritual vitality after the birth of a child/adoption.  The circles offer the unique integration of Midwifery, Herbalism, and Breathwork as a Healing Modality
These offerings is for those women/people who are struggling with the demands of parenting and wish to find a way to balance their life. It is a way to reconnect with your divine purpose and integrate it to all of your experiences as a mother.  It is for those who feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, and even angry at what it takes to rise a family.  An amazing tool for those who haver never felt "the same"after childbirth or adoption and are simply exhausted or experiencing deeply tired and overwhelmed. It does not matter if your baby is only 2 months old, you suffered the loss of one or many children, or your children are 15 years old.  I will honor your journey and whatever your are currently experiencing as the result of one or many pregnancies or adoptions.
Some of the themes we may be covering (depending on what workshop series you join) will be:
  • Life Cycles and Grieving your Maiden Self.
  • Your Children Place and Family Dynamics / Welcome Ceremony.
  • Overcoming Post-natal Depletion.
  • Regulating the Nervous System
  • Nourishing your child by nourishing yourself.
  • The Art of letting go
      ............and more