Closing Ceremony

Virginia offers a ceremony for closing the vortex a woman opens to bring fourth life.  This closing is done in with the support of our ancestors.  With a prayer, we call back the pieces of the soul that might have been separated from our wholeness as the demands of childbirth can sometimes be very stressful or even  traumatizing for some people.  

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The fire is present to guide our hearts.  This ancient spirit assist the woman to connect to the fire of her heart, her power as a mother.  She places her prayers for the vision of her journey ahead.

Cleansing Baños

The Sacred Water of the Baños and the powerful cleansing herbs to purify our intentions and cleanse the spirit. Mother Water reminds of the importance of  flexibility in postnatal life.  This work is about connection with the elements.  It is a ceremony to anchor the person back to earth and help her feel rooted and present with her baby.


The ritual 

This ritual is done in beauty and reverence for the right of passage the person and baby just went through.  It is a calming experience that supports the nervous system of the person.   

Songs for the Heart

Songs are prayers.  We sing to the parent and the ancestors guiding the work.  We sing to the elements present in our bodies. We bring consciousness of the importance and power of our words.  As parents, we become aware that our words are decrees to our children's ears.