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About Me

Virginia Wittebort CPM, is a native of Venezuela from the amazing Andes Mountains, She remembers playing in the creek, talking to the plants, and feeling their energy.  She walks the lineage of Midwifery as the grand-daughter of a Nurse/Midwife.  She holds the vision of a more loving world where parents are held in reverence through the process of childbirth/adoption and postpartum life.

She wants to contribute to a shift of paradigm in postpartum life in North America.  This new reality offer parents enough paid time off for them to be able to fully recover from the demands of this sacred job, this new paradigm welcomes babies  into the world with a deep understanding of their need for attachment to the care giver.   

Virginian is also a Herbalist, and a Breathwork facilitator. She blends her passions to help people embrace motherhood/parenting with the consciousness of knowing that what they are doing is the most sacred job there is.  She is supporting folks to recover their vitality after the birth/adoption of a baby as well as regulate the nervous system with the support of breathwork and ally plants.

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