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About Me

Virginia Wittebort License Midwife, is a native of Venezuela from the amazing Andes Mountains, She remembers playing in the creek, talking to the plants, and feeling their energy.  Virginia walks the lineage of Parteria (Midwifery) as the Granddaughter of a Partera who experienced the colonizing and assimilation of traditional home-birth into medicated and violent hospital births. Her Grandmother became a Nurse in that process but also remained practicing her art of Parteria assisting home-births in her community back in the 1930's and 40's. 

Virginia holds the vision of a world where parents are held in reverence through the process of childbirth/adoption and postpartum life.  As a Midwifery she focuses on the  traditional and ancestral practices that have sustain humanity for millennia.  She extrapolates traditional wisdom to today's science in a way that is relevant to her clients as well as culturally competent. Her focus has been in reproductive justice since the very beginning as a student back in 2006, all the way to present time where she has been serving POC in a local organization since 2019.


Her desire and commitment is to contribute to a shift of paradigm in postpartum life in North America.  In her vision, she sees a new reality where parents are provided with enough paid time off (2 years) for them to be able to fully recover from the demands of this sacred job. In this new reality communities welcome babies  into the world with a deep understanding of their need for attachment to the mother or care giver.   

Virginia is also a Herbalist, and a Breathwork facilitator. She blends her passions to help people embrace motherhood/parenting with the consciousness of knowing that what they are doing is the most sacred job there is.  One of her passions is to guide parents during pregnancy in a way that their postnatal period, which Virginia considers lasts approximately seven years, is a period, where the person's physical, emotional, and spiritual health grows and flourishes. Also, If a parent comes to see Virginia after the birth/adoption of her child, Virginia is also committed to supporting this person recover their vitality as well as  regulate the nervous system.


  • Virginia has been practice Midwifery in the area of prenatal and postnatal support with a focus on Reproductive Justice at Mama Sana Vibrant Women since 2019.

  • She has attended over 140 births in Orlando FLorida, Houston Texas, and Austin Texas. She has been at this birth in the roll of a Primary Health Care practitioner, assisting other Midwives, or as a student. 

  • She is fully licensed and is current in CPR and NRP

  • Virginia is currently studying Functional Medicine in Women's Health with Dr. Aviva Romm (this does not give Virginia a license to practice medicine)

  • She studied Clinical Herbalism at the Wildflower School of Botanicals

  • Experienced practicing Clinical Herbalism with Margy Flint for several months in 2021

  • Experience Clinical Herbalism course with Ginger Webb for a few months. in 2022.

  • Virginia has extensive experience with trauma informed somatic practices.  Her work has been specifically using breath-work therapeutically. She has over 10 years of experience with groups and/or individual sessions.

  • Virginia has attended traditional Rebozo wisdom sharing in the form of oral tradition and mentorship with Irasema Reza Bailey. Virginia holds this medicine with reverence and respect for her elders in the Red Road (indigenous path of the heart) and offers Cerradas not just for postpartum but also as a somatic work for processing trauma and regulating the nervous system.

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