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I started my personal journey with Breathwork nearly 20 years ago.  I have been holding space for individuals for the pass 7 years and groups for 10 years.  My job as a Breathwork facilitator is to hold a sacred and safe space for YOU to open your heart and allow yourself to FEEL DEEPLY and connect to the patterns of whatever is causing you pain. This might be a belief that holds you back or the habit of recreating the pain of certain experiences in your life. As a Breathwork facilitator, I am not necessarily helping you to remember trauma or the story, as remembering is not what brings the healing.  The connection that you will be after, within this type of healing, is how and WHERE trauma and other unpleasant beliefs and patterns are stored in your being and HOW those are related to the spiritual/generational implications of what you are experiencing.  

As you find the WHERE and HOW connection,  the release of TRAUMA becomes available and the possibility for real change is created .  YOU DO THE WORK FOR YOUR OWN HEALING. I hold sacred space and offer my professional viewpoints. I might make suggestions or ask for your permission to use experiential somatic exercises, ENERGY WORK, nature work, visualization, flower essence/herbal formulas, and and/or THE REBOZO.  An individual breathwork  appointment takes place in a safe and gentle space and last about 1 and 1/2 -2 hours. 

Some benefits to Breathwork are:

  • Breath-work is an excellent  Childbirth preparation as it supports the person to connect to their body and the baby.

  • It helps bring fears to the surface where we can see them, process them, and integrate them before they become obstacles for the birthing process.

  • An excellent tool explore deeply into the patterns of parenting that we each inherited from the way we were brought up and how that will/is affecting our parenting style.

  • Breathwork helps us go into our inner child and heal wounds that we are currently using as filters on the way we experience the world around us.  

  • A possibility for processing and integrating any trauma associated with giving birth as well as one's own birth.

  • Regulating yours and your baby's nervous system.

  • Fostering the ability of fluidity of perspective within parenting. 

  • Conscious Breathwork doesn't require the comprehension of the conscious mind and that facilitates a quick liberation of deeply rooted subconscious beliefs to bring healing and new view points.

  • Regulating the Nervous System, therefore contributing to the healing of the hormonal unbalances, autoimmune disorders, and pos-natal depletion rooted on the stress of pregnancy and motherhood.

  • Breathwork requires a great deal of your WILL INVOLVEMENT. Our will is like a muscle, and every time individuals practice Breathwork they are  strengthening  their WILL. This also connect us with our divine purpose and our action plan.

  • Connected Breathwork facilitates the BODY-MIND-Spirit connection.  Many participants have experienced a feeling of oneness and divine bliss.

  • Spiritual connection to source and direct guidance from one's spirit guides.

  • This type of breathwork brings to the surface the personal lies that a person has been telling themselves since birth and beliefs they have trained their minds to belief.  Once these lies come up to the surface people can work on creating awareness on how they filter their experiences through them, and more importantly, with the support of Connected Breathwork the person can choose to nourish a different believe system and move into letting go the original self-lies.

  • I offer breathwork sessions in partnership with Rebozo somatic work.  This is a beautiful grounding type of bodywork.  These sessions can also be particularly helpful when working with your partner as you reclaim your intimacy after the birth of a child.  Also, this somatic kind of body work is conducive to process body/sexual trauma and reconnect to your own senses, sensuality and self-intimacy.

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