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Upcoming Events

  • Solstice Breathwork
    Wed, Dec 21
    South West Austin /Will be provided upon re
    This is an invitation for you to go deep into the innocence of your heart. For you to connect to the light that will guide you through the next few months of stillness.
  • Perinatal Breathwork / Regulating the Nervous System of Parent and Baby
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Dec 21
    Mandala Hills / Southwest Austin
    SLIDING SCALE $35-$55. These workshops are design for folks who need support regulating their nervous system in pregnancy and postpartum. For folks who feel on edge, anxious, and/or depressed. A save space to process the emotional realities of perinatal life.
  • Sacred Sexuality - Cacao Retreat
    Fri, Feb 11
    Divine Intimacy through Self-Care. A weekend to enter in relationship with our bodies and our vulnerability in a safe space and with the support of beautiful Cacao and other ally plants. A space curated to self-explore healthy sensual experiences based on sacred intimacy.
  • Cacao / Breathwork Ceremony, Orlando FL
    Sat, Jan 22
    The work with Madrecita Cacao continues in Orlando Florida. We gather in Ceremony to honor her and her gifts. The community brings her OFRENDAS of flowers, tobacco, honey, and whatever else participant’s hearts feel called to offer her. This is a gathering for the practice of reciprocity.
  • Cacao / Breathwork Ceremony
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Dec 09
    Mandala Hills SOUTHWEST AUSTIN
    Sacred Cacao Ceremony to open our hearts and support our healing process. This Therapeutic Breathwork intention is to allow oneself to feel deeply. It supports self-exploration of our filters and belief system. It brings to the surfaces those things which we are ready to process and integrate.
  • Cacao Breathwork Ceremony Milwaukee, WI
    Fri, Dec 03
    Mother Cacao opens our heart. Breathwork takes us to a journey into our feeling world.
  • Cacao Breathwork Ceremony Longmont CO
    Sat, Nov 13
    Mother Cacao opens our heart. Breathwork takes us to a journey into our feeling world.
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