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Virginia Wittebort 
Traditional Home birth Licensed Midwife 

borde spiritual midwifery asutin texas

My commitment is to shift the current cultural paradigm into a new reality where parents are supported with reverence. I hold the vision of a community that fully understands that the sacred work of parenting demands a tremendous outflow of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. In this new paradigm the community places parents carrying out this sacred work as the most valuable contributors within the community.

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About me

I am a Venezuelan Native who, like many plants, has naturalized to our lovely Hill Country in Austin, Texas.

A PARTERA who has assisted the birth of many souls.

An YERBERA who fully believes in the magia of the natural world and our connection with its healing power.

A Breathwork facilitator who holds space for people to transform themselves and connect to their light.

spirituality in pregnancy
Therapy Sessions
herbal pruducts for pregnancy

Botanica Colibrí

I formulate my clients' tinctures and other remedies individually and based on their body constitution. It is my dream and goal to provide my clients with organic, cultivated from my garden, or locally wild harvested plant therapeutics.   

Midwifery, Home Birth and Perinatal Wellness Services

Complete Prenatal Care focused on holistic wellness.  Special attention to nutrition to address any deficiencies and promote the healthy development of the baby, botanicals allies for optimal nutrition,  and support for your nervous system. All necessary labs and referrals for ultrasounds.

Postpartum care.

Extended postpartum Health Coaching.

postpartum services austin texas

Corazón Adentro Postpartum services

A beautiful inward journey to strengthen your physical, mental, and spiritual perinatal vitality. This program work is designed to  integrate the growth and shifts of motherhood, heal ancestral patterns showing up in your parenting style, and support the healing of any trauma related to giving birth and ones own birth trauma.
Family and community education is at the core of this program as they are the pillars os sustenance your perinatal health.


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