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Virginia Wittebort, CPM

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Connected Breathwork is a Self-Exploration and powerful Healing Modality.

This deep work will open your heart to see the light within.  It supports changes in your belief system and has the capacity  to support the release of emotions, stress, and even trauma.  It is an amazing tool to integrate birth trauma and process ancestral healing.  

About me

I am a Venezuelan Native who, like many plants, has naturalized to our lovely Hill Country in Austin, Texas.

A Midwife who has assisted the birth of many souls.

An Herbalist who fully believes in the magick of the natural world and our connection with its healing power.

A Breathwork facilitator who holds space for people to transform themselves and connect to their light.

Therapy Sessions

Botanica Colibrí

I formulate my client's tinctures and other remedies individually and based on their body constitution. It is my dream and goal to provide my clients with organic, cultivated in my garden, or locally wild harvested plant therapeutics.   

Herbal Consultations

 I offer individual consultations to help you create a wholistic health strategy to overcome the demands of motherhood. I specialize on postpartum recovery.

I believe in your ability to heal and the magic that plants and food bring to one's life.

Corazón Adentro

A beautiful inward journey, to recover mental, physical, and spiritual vitality after the birth/adoption of a child. The work is designed to  integrate the growth an shifts of motherhood, heal ancestral patterns showing up in your parenting style, and support the healing of any trauma related to giving birth and ones own birth trauma.

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