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Each product is Seasonally Handcrafted with 
Organically Cultivated or
Wild Harvested plant allies.

Made in Loving Reciprocity to Pachamama

Calmed Heart

Calmed Heart

SKU: 364215375135191

Open your heart to the sweet nourishment of cacao, Hawthorn Berry, Milky Oats and honey with this delicious tonic.  Cacao is a sacred plant of the tropics, used to invite in abundance and a tranquil energy.  The Cacao used for this Elixir has been carufully selected from the ancient Criollo and award wining Criollo seeds. Cacao and Hawthorn Berry support the circulatory system, calm the nervous sytem and spark creative energy from your inner world.  This Elixir was paired with the ancient tradition of Mezcal for a luxurious finish. The Milky Oats was added to support the nervous system as one opens the heart and emotional shifting takes place.


    Small-batch, handcrafted ingredients include: Cacao, purified water, hawthorn, milky oats, wild honey.

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